The 2nd Kamifu Avalanche Safety Seminar – from January 17th (Sat.) to 18th (Sun.), 2009

Kamifu mountain area (around Mt. Furano – Sandanyama) is known for one of the best fields for back-country ski in Hokkaido and crowded with many climbers and BC skiers (snowboarders) every season.  However, it is also an area under severe weather conditions with mountains over 1,000 meters, and the risks of avalanches are significantly increasing in recent years.  Therefore, we are making efforts proactively in order to prevent avalanche accidents.
The seminar was held by volunteers from Kamifukai as a part of avalanche accident prevention activities with the cooperation of Avalanche Safety Seminar in Hokkaido.

Place: Areas surrounding Fukiage Onsen Recreation Center
Leacuturer:  Avalanche Sefety Seminar in Hokkaido members/Kamifukai mekbers
Staff: Kamifukai members and other volunteers (18 people)
Students: 31 people

The seminar was broadcasted to entire Hokkaido by NHK.
Photography: Takaya, Etori, Onisi and Takahashi