2014/2015 Season Mountain Safety Seminar Notice

We will be holding our annual Winter Mountain Safety Seminar for beginners.  The seminar is divided into two classes, a classroom lecture and a hands-on training.

You can join both or either of them.

The registration fee is very reasonable comparing to a general two-day avalanche accident prevention seminar.  Therefore, it will be a good news for those who have been hesitating to take such program due to the high attendance fee.  We encourage you to join us, weather you have have already taken such trainings before or you are a beginner.

Please fill out this form for registration.
If the form fails to work properly for any reason, please contact to: contact@kamifukai.jp.

Please refer to the below for further details:

■Avalanche seminar (a lecture)
Avalanche Emergency Countermeasure Training

Avalanche seminar (a lecture)

  • Time: 13:00-18:00, November 29th (Saturday), 2014
  • Place: Central Conference room at the 2nd Floor of Kamifurano Fire Department(map
  • (Address: 2-46, 2-chome, Omachi, Kamifurano-cho, Sorachi-gun, Hokkaido)
  • Lecturer: Kamifu Club member
  • Capacity: 40 seats
  • Registration fee: 2,000 yen (collected at registration desk)
  •  *Price of the text included What to take: Wiring utensils
  • Registration: Please fill this form for registration.

The whole curriculum is as follows:

The mechanism of avalanche occurrence
The current situation in Kamifu muntain area
Basics of avalanche beacons
Basics of avalanche countermeasures
CPR Demonstration and lecture


Please fill out this form for registration.

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Avalanche Countermeasure Training (Hands-on)

  • Time: 9:30~15:00, January 18th (Sunday), 2015
  • Place: Ex-Hakugin-Sou (inside of the parking lot in Fukiage Onsen Hakugin-sou) (map
  • Lecturer: Kamifu-Kai member
  • Capacity: 30 seats
  • Registration fee: 2,000 yen (collected at registration desk)
  •   *A cup of hot pork miso soup included in the fee
  • What to take: A beacon, a sonde and a shovel
  •   (Please send an e-mail for any further question regarding what to take).
  • Registration: Please fill out this form for registration.

The whole curriculum is as follows:

Beacon usage training
Avalanche accident rescue training

*We won’t be climbing up high, but it will be a training in a remote area with deep snow. So, please bring a pair of snowshoes, a pair of skis for walking mode or a pair of split boards.

It will be a long-time training outside in the severe winter season, so please come wearing warm clothes.

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