We renewed the site!

Hey y’all, this is Jon, a.k.a. the guy in dreadlocks that speaks English!

So we got some snow up in the mountains, and I’m stoked as much as the next guy, but even more so because we’ve got a new site ready to go!  The last site we had was a hand crafted amateur version we did in 2010, but because of the structure, it was too hard to maintain regular updates.  As a result, most of our communications ended up on Facebook only.

So this time around we finally got a proper CMS system up, so it should be much easier now to keep things up to date.  I’ll also try to keep things in English as well, but this is a best-effort thing, so sorry if a post or two is only in Japanese.

Be sure to like us on Facebook, and come back here to check for any updates before you plan an expedition in the great Kamifurano mountains!  Let’s make sure this is another epic, fun, and above all safe season.  See you in the powder!